The Kinsler Family Reunion 2017

"United and Growing"

Kinsler Family Reunion 2017

I pray that all of you are richly blessed and doing well. I would like to thank you for attending the Kinsler Family Reunion 2015. It is my prayer that you all had a wonderful time of fellowship with our family. It was because of you that this year’s reunion was an overwhelming success.  I want to thank  all of the members of the planning committee for such a wonderful job delivering a classy and heart felt reception to all of us. This reunion had all that one can ask. We learned of new family members from Baltimore Maryland as well as connected with those we've known all of our lives. We honored our seniors and remembered those who have gone on before us. It is my prayer that we continue this tradition of reaching and sharing with one another. We have closed another chapter in the legacy of the Kinsler family. As we move on from this experience, I pray that you all will be present at the next reunion in 2017.

The Kinsler Family Reunion Committee is pleased to present the details for the 2017 Kinsler Family Reunion. Our family has grown in size with many new branches. This reunion will be a great opportunity for everyone to come together, share our history and create new memories. We have put together a weekend of activities and entertainment that we hope that all will enjoy.

The reunion will take place July 28-30, 2017 in Columbia South Carolina. Included is the proposed schedule of events that the committee has planned. The registration fees are included on the registration form. The Embassy Suites will serve as our host hotel for the reunion. Details on how to make your hotel reservations are  included on the Registration Form.